Now and Loud

by Brightside

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released May 19, 2014

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Jacob Ewald at Mad Dragon Studios and Michael Jordan

Additional drums and bass engineering by Kosta Johnson

Mastered by Jon Markson

All songs and Album Art by Brightside



all rights reserved


Brightside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Next Time, I'll Be Deadly Serious
Lay out yourself
on the cosmic plain, on the couch
figure it out, or else
you'll be an infinite run of the mouth

Like a portrait in a frame
Like a last comma first
Like a middle name

It will linger
it will pace
it will resinate
it will stay

It will stain you
it will stay
Track Name: Next Time
My life is not a poem
it's just a dreamer's dumb idea
for lack of a shorter word
it's like an onomatopoeia

So come to terms with what you can
because it's gone before you know it
my life is not a party
It's sort of like an omen

Rail a line coming to see you won't resolve
a bitter type coming to beat you up
is a small, small part

A tortoise that's forever on its back
Will always beg for slower races
but slow and steady doesn't hack
When rabbits have the cuter faces

Take a day, a break
polish all of your lucky pennies and throw them away
Track Name: Curly Hair
Wait. Are we doing the wrong or right thing?

Seafoam eyes, pale white like the moon
Jupiter and Saturn sing a different kind of tune
bordering July but you were born in June

Stones weigh worlds where twins surf mid air
horn crowned children tend to be unfair

Wait. Are we doing the wrong or right thing?

Tell me I was wrong. Get it off your chest.
a psychic premonition. Falling off was for the best
but you would never be the one to put it all the rest.

Give me time. Just let me stir my head.
I've got goals that you don't get.

Sleep is harder than it seems, alone under the sheets.
its only for a week.
Track Name: Circa 2006
Back always hurts. Staying up late makes me a jerk.
In the morning at work, you know I'm the worst.
watching you across the kitchen while you button your shirt.
And I'm losing you, but
Reena Ballerina
Can you pick me up one more time?
Can I see you in another life?

Know me, don't own me.

Speak to me. Oh, don't hold it in.

Relax, I'm trying to use.
I won't lie, there's no excuse.
That's just what I gotta do to keep out of tune.
Every once in a while I need to kick off my shoes.
And I'm debasing you, but
Reena Ballerina
Can you pick me up one more time?
Is it over if we say "goodnight" ?

Love me, don't judge me.

Like a tooth ache
Like a sprain
Let it run its course
Let it rain
Like the nicotine
In your veins
Let it resinate
Let it stay
Track Name: Jetpacks
Chunky chocolate icecream never gets old.
I prefer vanilla, but that's obviously so.
white wine, red wine, puts you straight to bed
I'm always up for the conclusion of an episode.

Say "Sha Na Na Na"
Never take your hand off the piece
Not if it could help you save your Queen
Now I'm in your castle for the night

Take it off.
Hate to admit it, but it wasn't in the stars.
Take it from the top.
Don't even think I'll let it drop.

You light the corners.
I light the halls.
We were the good ones.
Baby talk.
Track Name: Stellar!!!
Do it for focus.
Do it for a laugh.
Do it for a sub-era.
Or for a person of the past.

Force the friction.
Do it for yourself.
Pressure is better
From the inside out.

Pull from the gut. Open a fresh cut.
Salt a bloody hand. Stitch it right back up.
I said I wont. I never said I won't.
It's just a water gun. A sugar and cream cup.

Savour the moment.
Take note of how it tastes.
You're stellar, you own it.
The tackle and the bait.

Do it for science.
Don't do it for your kin.
Throw around Dark Matter.
Save your own skin.

Hey, you've been right all along.
That was stupid, I admit.
But at the same time terribly fun.
Track Name: No, But Remember?
All he wants is to be a mortician.
All he wants is a fire escape.
A comic book or a sigil and a dagger.
all he wants is to get away.

There's no time for anything.

In the quiet corners of the space station.
On the line with the only two.
call in sick. Tell them you've left your ambitions
on the dark side of the moon.

Hell, I wish I could
grow up and simmer down.
I bet you I would.

What reliance can become of incantations?
What device holds the blackest rite?
Can you turn a profit living out your daydreams?
Or is it safer saved for the night?

All he wants is to be a magician.
Track Name: Speculose
Hayden tends to plummet like a ball of spit.
his bedroom incensed, candle lit.
he's always in his coat.

Brought up on a fortune in a mansion, of course.
it may have been the acid, may have been the divorce.
but who would really know.

Young wild sparks get lost
and you forget about
all of them

McKenna left at midnight in a neon top.
she probably told her mother she was taking a walk.
or maybe just bailed.

The Hamptons for the summer on a private estate.
her friends are all invited and they're cutting the cake.
I'll bet they even sailed.